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Troubleshooting Guide for Printed Board Manufacture and Assembly
standard by Association Connecting Electronics Industries, 12/01/1997

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Useful for day-to-day problem solving, this document is invaluable for front line process engineers and supervisors. It contains case histories of problems and corrective action in the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of printed wiring products. Each section of the document has been updated to reflect today's manufacturing challenges. Sections included in the Guide address topics such as documentation, phototooling, raw materials, mechanical operations, hole preparation, plated-through hole, cleaning procedures, imaging, electroplating, etching, innerlayer fabrication lamination, soldering, metallic protective coatings, non-metallic protective coatings, component preparation and assembly, inspection & test, and rework and repair. Includes color and black and white photos and illustrations. This new revision features an expanded assembly chapter that now includes soldering, cleaning and post soldering process. New examples of aditional processes for troubleshooting have been added as well. The revision also includes an easy-to-use index to assist you in finding the most relevant information.

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