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Securing Connected Devices for Consumers in the Home (Formerly CEA TR-12)
standard by Consumer Technology Association (Formerly CEA), 11/01/2015

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This CEA technical report addresses security concerns related to the connected devices for consumers in the home. Many of these devices fall into what is being referred to as the smart home or the Internet of Things (IoT). There is a general lack of consensus on the definition of the IoT. For the purpose of this report we will be addressing the collection of uniquely identifiable, accessible and consumer oriented Internet-connected electronic devices and the services that drive their functionality.

This report will use an example product with wired and wireless connections.1 Specific technologies may be called out in order to discuss relevant security properties, but the intent of this report is to introduce security principles that are technology agnostic.

No technical report could fully address all connected device security concerns. It is the goal of this report to provide a solid foundation for building security into the development process. This will include a discussion of Security Maturity Models and an examination of some common connected device vulnerabilities and mitigations.

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