CTA 709.2 S-2017

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Control Network Power Line (PL) Channel Specification
standard by Consumer Technology Association (Formerly CEA), 10/15/2017

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This specification contains all the information necessary to facilitate the exchange of data and control information over the power line medium within a home. The document is divided into five sections (1 – 5):

1. An introduction to the specification.
2. A general description of the power line network that is likely to exist in home environments.
3. The specifications of the allowed topology and configuration rules for constructing EIA-709.2 compliant networks in homes.
4. A specification of the EIA-709.2 physical medium. This section covers frequency allocation, physical and electrical specification of the medium, connectors, environmental requirements, and installation considerations.
5. The physical layer specification of an EIA-709.2 compliant node. This section covers the interface to the higher ISO layers, control channel signal characteristics, encoding, transmitter and receiver and signal coupling characteristics.

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