B11 B11.18-2006 (R2012)

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Safety Requirements for Machines Processing or Slitting Coiled or Non-coiled Metal
standard by B11 Standards, Inc. (Formerly Listed as The Association for Manufacturing Technology), 08/31/2006

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This standard applies to machines, and groups of machines arranged in production systems, for processing coils of strip, sheet, or plate metal from a coiled or non-coiled configuration through machines that size or otherwise convert the metal into desired configurations. The terms “strip, sheet or plate” are used interchangeably without dimensional implications. Typical machinery systems include: cut-to-length lines; press feed lines; and slitting lines.

Specifically excluded from this standard are machinery and devices for performing thermal, coating, chemical, and electrolytic processes and any emissions therefrom, associated with coil processing lines and systems, process systems designed for pickling, galvanizing, plating, painting, cleaning, lubrication and surface preparation.

Reaffirmed 27 November 2012

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